Bonsai Potting Soil | Bonsai Potting Gravel

    Bonsai trees grow in some of the rockiest terrain in the world. They seem to grow out of bare rock. Bonsai experts try to recreate this look at home. Many use lava rock of different shapes and sizes to accomplish this.

    We do not claim to be bonsai tree experts, but we do have a product that many bonsai growing individuals and Bonsai clubs alike, have found and love; that is our Black 3/8 minus inch lava rock material.

    This is used as a planting medium, it is one that will not break down nor is it toxic and best of all it is PH neutral.

    Many Bonsai people purchase our Black 3/8 minus material and screen it further, themselves, to get just the right sized gravel for that special look that is the perfect sized ratio to their plantings.

    Potting Soil Conditioner

    Please Note:
    Not a Complete Potting Soil

    Black 3/8 minus lava rock is not intended for use as the sole ingredient for potting soil. It is best used as an additive to your current bonsai tree potting soil mixture or recipe.

    Black 3/8 minus Perfect for Bonsai

    Medium Flat-Rate USPS
    about 1/3 cubic foot

    Large Flat-Rate USPS
    about 1/2 cubic foot